Remember me Pris&Batty Films

Claude is a theater critic who lives in Monterey, California, with his longtime friend and neighbour Shane. Claude tries to keep himself busy with his old job, because of the latest scandal involving his family, by going to the newspaper. On the last visit, by chance, Claude faces terrible news: the famous theater and film actress Lillian Blanche has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and sent to a community of older people. It was Claude’s first love in the 60s but life forced them to take different paths, marrying other people. Still in love with her, Claude asks Shane for help with his plan.




Bruce Dern
Caroline Silhol
Sienna Guillory
Brian Cox
Verónica Forqué
Brandon Larracuente


Director: Martín Rosete
Screenwriter: Rafa Russo
Producers: David Naranjo, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Martin Rosete, José Rosete, Atit Shah
Executive Producers: Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano, Eva Leon
Production Manager: Ernesto Chao
Director of Photography: José Martín Rosete
Film Editor: Beatriz Colomar
Art Director: Pablo Alvarado
Sound Designer: Laura Díez Mora
Costume Designer: Javier Bernal
Makeup Artist: Mónica Fontanet
Hair Stylist: Véronique Boslé