Plan de fuga Pris&Batty Films

In the heart of the Swiss bank there is a safe vault. A thief teams up with a gang of criminals to assault it. A policeman tries to stop them while investigating a case full of difficulties.

The entrance is difficult, the escape plan impossible.

Thief and police challenge themselves in an obsessive challenge where nothing is as it seems.

La Razón



Alain Fernández: Víctor
Javier Gutiérrez: Rápido
Luis Tosar: Teniente
Alba Galocha: Helena
Itziar Atienza: Marta


Director : Iñaki Dorronsoro
Screenwriter: Iñaki Dorronsoro
Producers: Mikel Lejarza, Mercedes Gamero, David Naranjo
Executive Producers: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, María Contreras, Pako Ruiz
Production Manager: Paloma Molina
Director of Photography: Sergi Vilanova
Art Director: Antón Laguna
Sound Designer: Sergio Bürmann
Costume Designer: Clara Bilbao
Makeup Artist: Karmele Soler, Lorena Berlanga


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