La Ternura tells the story of a somehow magical queen and her two princess daughters who travel in the Indies Navy, forced by King Felipe II to be engaged in convenience marriages.

The Queen Emerald hates all men because they’ve conditioned her life and taken away her freedom, so she’s not willing to allow her daughters to have the same destiny as hers. When the Navy passes near an island that the Queen believes to be dessert, she invokes a storm which sinks the ship in which they travel. Her plan is to live in that island with their daughters and to never again see a man in their whole live.

The problem is that the chosen island is inhabited by a woodsman and his two sons, who twenty years ago ran away from civilization to never again see a woman in their lives.

When the Queen and the two princesses discover they’re not alone, fearing for their lives, they decide to disguise themselves as soldier men to meet the woodsmen…



Reina Esmeralda: Emma Suárez
Leñador Marrón: Gonzalo de Castro
Princesa Rubí: Alexandra Jiménez
Leñador Verdemar: Fernando Guallar
Princesa Salmon: Anna Moliner
Leñador Azulcielo: Carlos Cuevas


Director: Vicente Villanueva
Original Text: Alfredo Sanzol
Adapted Screenplay: Vicente Villanueva
Executive Producer: David Naranjo
Music: Fernando Velázquez


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