Carlos, a middle-aged executive, is addicted to his cell phone, constantly answering emails, making video calls, or plugged into endless 5-way calls.

However, when his wife, Adela, stands up and tells him she wants a divorce, his world falls apart. He looks for a solution to his problems, and he finds it… a revolutionary therapy for cell phone addicts…



Adrián Suar
Paz Vega
Eva Santolaria
Ramón Barea


Original Screenplay: Santiago Requejo, José Gabriel Lorenzo
Director: Santiago Requejo
Producers: David Naranjo, Gonzalo Gilsanz, Carlos Sanz, Santiago Requejo
Executive Producer: Tono Escudero
Director of Photography: Javier López-Bermejo
Music Supervisor: Eva Cebrián
Art Director: Iris Ocampo
Costume designer: Eva Escribano
Makeup: Blanca Otamendi